Testimonials ForKristen Jacobs, Realtor®, ABR, CNE, GRI

Kristen was a godsend!

Kristen was a godsend for us when we came up with the decision to move from NY to Austin, TX. Initially we were referred to a different real estate agent local to the area in which we were interested to buy a house. At that time, while searching for information on everything Austin-related, I incidentally came upon Regent Property Group’s website regentpg.com and found it to be an excellent source of helpful information on Austin neighborhoods and much more. As it is usually the case, I was prompted to register on the website to get a full access to those articles. And oh boy am I glad I did! The very next day I received a voice message on my phone that was from Kristen. She stated that she got my information from their website, then she left her contact information and offered that I get in touch if I need any kind of real estate services in Austin area. I did not call her back, planning to go with my first choice agent. But when a couple of days later I received a follow-up call from Kristen, I reconsidered my agent choice because by that time lack of sufficient communication on the first agent’s part, and failure to listen to our requests and change the search criteria accordingly did not make me happy or eager to work with that agent. In our phone conversation Kristen sounded very friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth. Within half hour after we hang up I started receiving automatic real estate listing updates set up by Kristen according to all my requirements (area, square footage, school district and more). In addition, she sent me another email that contained her thoughts on the best options for our business that I had mentioned to her we are planning to open once we move. Before and during my visit to Austin Kristen was extremely attentive to my needs, had our best interest in mind the whole time, and was right on top of every single question / issue / follow-up we had to have that concerned the properties she was about to show me. Guess what? By the end of the VERY FIRST DAY of our search, after Kristen showed me approximately 10 different houses within 4 or 5 hours window, we had a winner. I really liked one of the houses that, by the time we came to see, had multiple offers on. Kristen kept communicating with the listing agent back and forth to make sure we will have enough time to prepare and submit our offer before everything will be presented to the owners. She advised and instructed me on the best offer tactics that are Austin market-specific, and with Kristen’s help the offer was written up and submitted in under an hour… At 10 pm that night I received a phone call from her with congratulations on my purchasing that house!!! With 5 offers on the house, ours came up a winner. What can I say? Every time I met up with Kristen to discuss additional details of the deal, sign the documents and such, her attentiveness to details, her professionalism and willingness to help well beyond the required (such as providing me with the full list of utilities companies and their phone numbers, helping me find inspector to do an inspection of the house in 2 days (absolutely impossible thing in the booming Austin real estate market), picking up some tourist guides and local attraction booklets for me so I could make the most out of my first visit to Austin. To conclude everything said above, KRISTEN IS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY. If you are looking to relocate to Austin area, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Kristen for all your real estate needs. It could only be the best decision you will make, just as good as making an offer on your dream house or finding an apartment you fall in love with at the first sight.